Packing Tips from 24hRemovals

TIP 1 : Undertake a space plan of your new home or office, check this through with your staff/family members and make sure it is available on the day for your removal men.

TIP 2 : Colour code the new home/office by both area and by staff and label the boxes and crates accordingly. On the day of the move print out a series of A4 colour sheets and sellotape them to the appropriate areas in the new home/office.

TIP 3 : Check with IT/ printer/ photocopier companies that there aren’t special requirements for moving their equipment. Sometimes you are required to remove cartridges or drain fluids. Make sure you have an expert that is ready to rewire the computers at the other end.

TIP 4 : Measure your largest furniture and equipment and do a dry run through the doors, stairs and lifts at both ends. It may require taking doors off or dismantling furniture to get a particular item moved. Better to be prepared than face it on the day!

TIP 5 : Reserve parking with the local authority. You may be charged extra for parking fines/Tow away services.

TIP 6 : Hire plastic crates for the move. These are the simplest and easy way to store most home/office equipment.

TIP 7 : Buy plenty of bubble wrap for the computers. Make sure that the computer leads are taped to the individual computers also remove heavy items from filing cabinets and drawers. Secure the drawers with thick tape before removal.

TIP 8 : If you are in a shared office, advise both the janitor and neighbouring offices beforehand. You may be monopolising the stairways or the lift and by advising them in advance you are more likely to get their sympathy rather than frustration.

TIP 9 : Label everything that you are not moving with DO NOT MOVE or RUBBISH and put to one side of the office and Defrost the fridge/freezer in advance.

TIP 10 : Contact your local utilities eg:water/gas/electricity/internet services and make sure that you move the service to your new home/office.